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PART 1:Study Experience in Queen Ethelburga’s College, England(English)

Reasons For Leaving Taiwan

In 2011, Judie decided to go abroad and study ordinary level in Loyang Secondary school in Singapore. In 2013, she transferred into Queen Ethelburga’s college. Two reasons she left Taiwan are because she can’t fit in Taiwan’s education system, and she wants to learn knowledge outside of the textbook. After studied two years of A-level, she graduated from Queen Ethelburga’s college, pursuing Actuarial Science in Heriot Watt University as her future career.

Queen Ethelburga’s College

Queen Ethelburga’s college is a very historical school in York. It used to be a girl school, but now it is for boys and girls. The original motivation Judie left Singapore and travel to UK is because they have very similar education system, and Queen Ethelburga’s college offer her to jump years. So basicly she jumped to year eleven. Queen Ethelburga’s college is very good at business and science, that is the reason she studied in Queen Ethelburga’s college.

The Ways Of Teaching

Although Judie only studies A-level in QE, QE actually provides education from year one to year thirteen, which is from five years old to eighteen years old. Even though A-level is only two years, it is actually equivalent to Taiwanese high school. There are sixteen people in each class, each class last forty minutes. In total, they will have twenty teaching hours in a week. Unlike Taiwan, the students in QE have four subjects in their first year, three subjects in second years, so basically they get a choice to drop a subject. It’s all up to you if you want to carry four subjects in your second year. They also have exams, and some business subjects they need to do projects. Students will have to write some essays as well. It all depends on different subjects you are taking.

How Do They Apply University?

Exam is very important to students in QE. They have two exams in two years for each subject. they apply university through a website called UCAS, students get five university choices. They also need to hand in 5000 characters personal statement. So there are six stages: In the fresh year, they will have one exam called AS exam, and after exam they will receive a predicted grade. That’s what students use to apply university. then they will use UCAS apply five universities. After applying, they will receive offer from university. After, they can choose two universities, one is their first choice, and the other is second. Then after their A2 exam, they will receive final grades, the grades will determine which university you go to.

Life On Campus

Judie was involved in “Young Enterprise”, it is a business program for young students to create their own business or their own products. Her role is a marketing manager. She was selected as a member of  “Prefect Team”,becoming a communication bridge among student and stuff. Because she can play percussion, she also played in school percussion called hairspray musical, which she enjoyed a lot. There are also lots of party in QE, such as Halloween party, Christmas party……etc, so students have chances to socialize with people. As for dormitory, two to three people share a room and facilities are pretty well offered, you can choose to cook yourself instead of going out for food.


“Be brave to try, and  you will never regret what you did. And when you are trying, do the best you can.” The days in QE made Judie learned more about British etiquette, also made her know herself better. Because she has to be responsible for every decisions she made. She advised students who may study abroad: “Cherish each opportunity or each person you meet, deliver the best we can, with the gifts that we have.”

PART 2:Preparation to Queen Ethelburga’s College



PART 3:Q & A

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Judie Wang 王毓彤