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Production assisted by NDHU and IOH Helper Jenny Hsueh. Edited by Lily Lin.

馬來西亞赴台升學 東華大學 企業管理學系 余世滿



PART 1:Study Experience in Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan(English)

此講座於 2017 年底前錄製,拍攝畫質與講座架構較為精簡,建議也可至平台上觀看其他同校或同系講座
Why Taiwan?

Anthony Yee is an oversea Chinese student from Malaysia and studies Business Administration in National Dong Hwa University(NDHU). In his introduction, he described himself as a person who believes in opportunities and successes. Born in a Hakka and Cantonese family, Anthony strongly believed their family philosophy that perseverance Is the mother of all success.

After graduated from High School, Anthony was confused about where to go for further education. However, in his relative’s suggestion, he decided to study in Taiwan. With the help of the federal alumni association of Taiwan universities, Malaysia(馬來西亞留台校友會), Anthony entered to NDHU to study his bachelor degree in Business Administration.


NDHU is located in Hualian county, the eastern part of Taiwan. Because of the European style campus and natural scenery, NDHU has been elected as the most beautiful university in Taiwan by social media. Having 8 colleges, 35 departments, 30 research centers, and 150 sister universities also makes NDHU an outstanding and highly internationalized education institution in Taiwan. In addition, NDHU set up Office of International Affair(OIA) to help foreign students adapt to Taiwanese lifestyle. OIA also provides students long-term or short-term exchange programs, covering America, Europe, and Asia. If you want to find more detailed information about the application to exchange program, you can just go to OIA website.

Introduction to Business Administration

In Anthony’s opinion, the advantage of majoring in Business Administration is that it provides diverse courses to let students explore their interests and specializations. For example, the basic courses are Calculus, Principle of Economics, Accounting Principle, Introduction to Management, and Statistics, which are required in all departments of the business school. The core courses are Corporate Finance, Marketing Management, and Operation Management etc. The elective courses are divided into several dimensions, such as Marketing, Human Resources, and Logistic Management etc. Students can based on their interests to choose which course they want to take.

In Department of Business Administration, 50% courses are taught in English by foreign professors, and the rest are taught in Chinese. All textbooks are in English. Except for using test to evaluate students’ performance, professors usually ask students to make presentations in class. After completing many presentations, Anthony finds the way of speaking and eye contact are keys to make a good speech.

Impressive Courses and Activities

In the talk, Anthony shared 3 of his favorite courses. The first one is “Marketing”. This course was lectured by an Indian professor. The professor not only taught marketing theory, but also use case studies to encourage students to think. Because the evaluation of this course consist 2 parts: presentation and exam, Anthony emphasized that only by studying hard, can get a high score in this course. The second one is “Human Resource”. Aside from learning how to hire the right person to the right position, Anthony also realized that the mission of company and employee-training are important to the development of a company. The third one is ”English Composition”. In this class, students would read essays and write abstractions to enhance their writing skills. Besides from studying hard on courses, Anthony also participated in Oversea Chinese Association and Pop Dance Club.


“When life changes to be more difficult, you must change to be even stronger” Anthony said. After 2 years of living in Taiwan, Anthony learned how to arrange life stuffs by himself and take responsibility for his own decisions. He thanked for the Taiwanese who had gave him help in time. Last but not least, Anthony advised the freshmen always have to keep a positive mind in order to solve the difficulties in the times of studying aboard. Just be humble and have confidence in yourself. Appreciate every moment in the life and never give up.

國立東華大學 相關資訊

台灣最美麗大學 霍格華茲分校

國立東華大學成立於 1994 年,共有三個校區,壽豐校區面積達 251 公頃,適合學術研究與生活的優良環境。美崙校區現規劃為東華創新研究園區,協助東部「創新產業聚落」發展。屏東校區位於屏東海生館內,直接利用館內硬體設施與專業研究師資,培育海洋生技產業高科技人才。

課程學程化 雙主修、副修更容易


在東華看見世界 每年提供200個出國交換機會

2016 年《遠見雜誌》大學排名調查中「國際化」項目,東華大學評選入全國前 15 名。東華大學目前與五大洲逾 160 所國際知名大學簽訂合作交流協議,積極與世界知名大學建立雙聯學制。每年提供超過 200 位國際學生交換名額,可前往捷克、波蘭、美國、韓國、日本、大陸及港澳等國家與地區。在校內,除了有 400 門英文授課課程與外語自學平台外,學生亦可申請全英語授課之學士班,藉此與來自世界各國的外籍學生共同學習與交流,拓展國際視野。

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